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  • How to Clean a Quick Grinder

    24 Mayo, 2011

    How to clean a Quick Grinder videoWe are going to help you wich is the best option to clean your Quick Grinder and leave it as a new one.

    First of all we need:

    * 1 Flat screwdriver

    *1 bottle of pharmacy alcohol

    *1 old toothbrush

    *1 pot to save liquids

    *2-3 drying paper sheets

    *1 bottle of water to clean parts at the end


    We proceed to dismantle the Quick Grinder remembering to keep each part with it's subparts. If you want to catch best rests before cleaning we recomend you to use a wood teeth stick. Metallic stick may scratch aluminium body.

    Once we have it completely dismantled it is good to leave all the components into a pot covereds in alcohol. It will help to take away all resin's rests.

    Try to masage with an old toothbrush all components and you will see the difference, just few minutes doing rounds with the toothbrush and the grinder will look as new again.

    After you finish your brushing please, rewash it again with abundant tab water to throw away all alcohol rests, and leave parts on a drying paper.

    Let all parts dry and you can assemble again.



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