Quick Grinder System

Quick Grinder is a herbs crushing tool, fast and easy to use. It incorporates an innovating draining system that allows to empty its content very fast and it also has a security cover antifriction that guarantees a fit closing, it avoids that the crushing machine opens accidentally and it improves its rotation. The situation of the prongs also allows to obtain a more finer cut with less effort.

Emptying System



Thanks to its new system, Quick Grinder Original moves a piece that is in charge to empty all the content. The system consists of three movable parts (button, springs and plate) and two nonmovable ones (body and prongs). The system of empting the Quick Grinder consists in a button conected to a disc with a mini screw and a spring, that the disc pushes and makes the mechanism return to its original position. When the button of each piece of the crushing machine is tightened, the disc advances throughout the prongs and pushes all the content of the crushing machine towards the outside. For it, the disc is perforated exactly like the prongs of the crushing machine. All the components are made with inox steel and the whole mechanism can be oponed up with the use of a simple screwdriver. This mechanism has been proven for more than two years by far success.

Closing Joint

Junta de cierre

Quick Grinder also includes a polythene joint that assures a fit closing, prevents that the crushing machine opends accidentally and improves the rotation of the bodies when they touch. This avoids the wear out of the pieces and solves to the dust made from the direct friction between aluminum, its normal because of the material the machine is made of. When you open the machine, dust was mixed with the crushed grass and consequently being inhaled, smoked or being ingested by the user; something that no longer happens thanks to the protection that offers the joint.

Positioning of the Needles

Quick Grinder

The disposition of the prongs in the Quick Grinder allows to obtain finer crushing with less effort. A part of the crushing machine has the prongs each 45º and the other, each 30º, which assures that there never are more than 4 pairs of prongs simultaneously at the same time.

How to use:

How it works in 5 steps

Paso 1

For a good use, you should insert the herb in the body that has the joint so the herb doesn’t bother.

Paso 2

Fit both grinder’s parts.

Paso 3

Once it’s closed, turn both parts. Once or twice should be enough.

Paso 4

Open the grinder carefully to prevent losses.

Paso 5

Push both buttons twice and everything will drop.

Technical especifications:

Weight: 128gr.

High quality aluminum anodized 7075 (main body), polyethylene (Closing Joint) and stainless steel (other components).

System evacuation and closure joint anti-friction.

45mm x 51mm x 33mm (W x L x H).